Program Guidelines

If you have a question regarding a form you have already submitted, please contact Amanda Stevens.


All benefits-eligible staff in good standing who have demonstrated and maintained exemplary performance and have been employed with University Services for a minimum of one year (as of December 2023) are eligible to be nominated. Staff on Performance Improvement Plans or involved in active disciplinary actions are not eligible.

Eligible nominees are expected to

  • Consistently perform daily responsibilities to the highest standards

  • Follow University and department-level regulations, policies, and expectations of conduct (Rights, Rules, Responsibilities; attendance policies; etc.)

  • Value the organization’s (and University’s) commitment to diversity and inclusion

  • Be respectful of and able to work collaboratively with fellow staff and others outside of the department

  • Effectively communicate 

Submission Process

Any University Services employee may nominate a fellow University Services employee who meets the eligibility requirements. To nominate, download or complete the online nomination form. Individuals who wish to self-nominate are encouraged to work with their manager when filling out the nomination form.  If you prefer to provide a spoken nomination, instead of written, please contact Jenna Glass at 609.258.9044. There is no limit to the number of nominations an individual may submit. 

Selection Process 

The Rewards and Recognition Committee, which is comprised of staff from all University Services departments, will recommend recipients of each award to the Vice President for University Services. Awards will be presented during a virtual Rewards and Recognition program that will be shared later this year.