Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a list of frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, please contact Courtney Massari, Committee Chair.

What is the role of the Rewards and Recognition Committee?

The Rewards and Recognition Committee is comprised of representatives from all University Services departments and staff levels. The Committee is responsible for 1) developing awards for recognizing, rewarding, and honoring University Services employees for exemplary work and character traits that represent the organization’s three principles as well as University Services’ commitment to diversity and inclusion; and 2) planning and promoting an annual event to thank, show appreciation for, recognize and reward University Services’ employees. Each year, the Committee collectively reviews submitted nominations and recommends finalists to the Vice President of University Services.

Can I nominate someone who is not in my department?

Staff may nominate anyone in the division of University Services, which includes:

  • Administration: Communications, Financial Services, IT, Trademark Licensing
  • Campus Dining
  • Campus Support Services: AV Services, Performing Arts Services, Venue Services, and University Ticketing 
  • Conference and Event Services and University Scheduling
  • Housing and Real Estate Services
  • Print and Mail Services and Mail Services
  • The Service Point and TigerCard Services
  • Transportation and Parking Services
Can someone outside of University Services nominate?

No. At this time, only University Services staff may participate in the nomination process. 

Can I nominate the same individual for multiple awards in the same year?

Yes, however you will need to submit a separate nomination form for each award.

For the customer service award, who is the “customer”?

For the customer service award, who is the “customer”? Any person or people the nominee provides a service to which may include coworkers, students, faculty and staff, and University visitors and guests.

For the Team Foundation Award, do all members of the team need to belong to the same department or unit?

No. Teams can include members outside of your department as long as they are a part of University Services working towards a common goal or project (e.g., ad hoc committees). 

What is the difference between the University Services “Rewards and Recognition” awards (RR) and Tiger and Spot awards (formerly Tiger and Stripe awards).

RR Awards are part of a University Services initiative that aims to recognize outstanding staff members as they relate to University Services principles (Service Excellence, Efficiency and Effectiveness, Team and People) and our commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. RR Awards are awarded once per academic year. The Tiger and Spot Award program is administered through the Office of Human Resources and recognizes one-time exceptional achievements or contributions to the University mission above and beyond one’s normal job responsibilities. Tiger and Spot Awards are awarded multiple times throughout the year. 

If I previously nominated a colleague or team for an award but he/she/they was/were not selected, can I nominate him/her/them again?

Yes. If you would like a copy of a previously submitted nomination form to reference and build upon, please contact Sharon Maselli ( Please note that previous nominations will not automatically be considered for subsequent programs. 

Can I co-submit a nomination?

Yes. Staff are welcome to co-write nominations (e.g. on behalf of an entire department, unit, team, etc.). When filling out the nomination form, please list only the primary contact. 

I could use some help writing a nomination. What are my options?

The staff at Princeton Writes is more than happy to serve as a personal writing coach to help University Services staff craft a compelling nomination. The service is available to all staff at no cost. Contact Princeton Writes to set up an appointment (

The nomination form includes Guided Questions and Open Response. Do I need to fill out both sections? What are the differences?

Staff have the OPTIONof filling out the “Guided Questions” OR the “Open Response” section.

Guided Questions are designed to help nominators provide specific details about the nominee as they pertain to each award. Nominators only need to fill out questions they feel are relevant to the nominee. 

Open Response allows nominators to write more freely in an essay-like format. When choosing this method, nominators should reference the Guided Questions section to understand what the committee is looking for when selecting a recipient. When choosing this method, nominators should use specific examples when possible.

Either method will be equally and carefully reviewed by the Rewards and Recognition Committee, who will then recommend finalists to the Vice President of University Services. 

How much are the award amounts? Do they change from year to year?

The monetary award amounts may fluctuate depending on the available budget each year. Other reasons for fluctuation include number of awards available, number of award recipients per award category, and number of members on a team recipient (Team Foundation Award only). Each year, the Rewards and Recognition committee will announce the dollar amounts for each award, minus the Team Foundation Award, when opening the nomination period. All monetary awards are subject to federal and state taxes. 

Is there any recognition for a nominee who is not selected as an award recipient?

All staff who are nominated receive a signed letter from the Vice President of University Services informing him or her that he or she has been nominated for an award(s). Additionally, at the Rewards and Recognition event, nominees will be collectively recognized by the organization.